Exterior Painting...

Coordinating trim and accent colors with a main exterior house color can be challenging. Paint professionals offer the following Home Exterior Color Guide providing suggestions on how to accent a home's exterior with color.

If your house is the following color or you are thinking about painting it: Ideas for trim colors: Ideas for accents such as doors, shutters, and railings: Colors to consider for your decks, railings, or columns:
Crisp and clean,
an inviting choice.
Blue or Gray Yellow, Green, Red or Black White, Gray or Natural
A neutral statement,
the color of castles.
Whites and Ivory Dark Gray, Blue or Burgundy White, Blue or Gray
A natural statement that will
blend into the surroundings.
Cream, deeper or lighter shade of Taupe Hunter Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue or Charcoal Gray Taupe, Green, Redwood or Cream
The color of the sky,
stands out against 
your landscape.
White, Ivory, deeper or lighter shade of Blue Yellow, Rose, Burgundy and White White, Blue, Natural or Gray
A bright welcoming color,
the shade of the sun.
White or Green Blue, Green, Teal or White White, Cream or Natural